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It Really Works!   We sell the finest, worldwide, electric penis enlarger pumps. You'll have a longer, thicker penis enlargement.
Free world shipping. Lifetime pump warranty. The Fast Vac works perfectly in every country. Electric voltage for everyone, in USA and Europe, Canada. Buy with confidence, we are the manufacturer of the Fast Vac. Fast Vac electric penis enlarger pumps are compact, lightweight, and quiet. The pump is made with a high-tech light metal alloy. Pump will last you a lifetime of use and enlargement. Lifetime pump replacement, if it fails during normal use. And we also guarantee your enlargement, within 14 days. Fast Vac is made in the USA. The 2017 Fast Vac gives you a 1 to 3 inch, longer and thicker penis.

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Use Fast Vac for 15/30 minute sessions, 3 to 4 times a week. You'll become 1 to 3 inches, longer and thicker in 14 days.
14 Day Money Back Guarantee. Fast Vac will help to prevent ED, erectile dysfunction. The pump has adjustable settings from 1"hg to 10"hg of vacuum enlargement power. All pump controls are on cylinder. Fast Vac has ergonomic, user friendly controls.
All Fast Vac products are professionally made, and are commercial - medical grade

2017 Standard Pump Kit
USA and International
Penis Enlarger Standard Pump
  2017 Medium Pump Kit
USA and International
Fast Vac Medium Size Pump
2017 Large Pump Kit
USA and International
Penis Enlarger Large Pump
2017 Extra large Pump Kit
   USA and International
Penis Enlarger Extra Large Pump

Customer Feedback

Very good penis pump, got bigger pretty fast..
jose R. - Dallas, TX - 2017

fast vac worked better than I ever expected.
John R. - Boston, MA - 2017

Pump really works. I got thicker.
Steve G. - Philadelphia, PA - 2017

220 volt pump works great, got bigger right away.
Edward P. - London, England - 2017

220 volt pump is powerful, gained 2 inches thicker.
Dedrich R. - Stuttgart, Germany - 2017

Wife was glad I got Fast Vac. More satisfied now. Great electric pump.
Henri C. - Paris, France - 2017

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