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Fast Vac gives you a longer, thicker penis enlargement. Pump creates a longer lasting erection, and will help overcome erectile dysfunction. International world compatible electric penis pumps. Free discreet world shipping.
Gain length and width, quickly. Buy with comfidence, you are buying direct from us, the manufacturer.
The Fast Vac is shipped directly to you, from our factory in Massachusetts, USA. All Fast Vac products are made in the USA.

Buy with confidence, our Fast Vac electric penis enlarger pumps, are lifetime guaranteed.
Individual serial number, on every pump. Fast Vac pumps and cylinders are professional grade..
Isn't It Worth It, To Have A Bigger Penis? You Have Nothing To lose, But Size To Gain!
All our users can expect to have a 1 to 3 inch permanent penis enlargement.

781 - 907 - 7097

Standard Size
10" by 1 3/4" girth
115/120v & 220/230v
Electric Penis Pumps
Standard Size
Medium Size
10" by 2" girth
115/120v & 220/230v
Electric Penis Pumps
Medium Size

Large Pump
10" by 2 1/4" girth
115/120v & 220/230v
Electric Penis Pumps
Large Size

Extra-Large Size
10" by 2 1/2" girth
115/120v & 220/230v
Electric Penis Pumps
Extra-Large Size

Customer Feedback

fast vac, is worth the price, to have larger penis.
Jack M. - Detroit, MI - 2018

Fast Vac works great, gained size. Very happy.
Pete G. - San Diego, CA - 2018

Used as advertised. Gained thickness, it really works.
Oscar H. - Houston, TX - 2018

Glad I made the move to buy it, helps me a lot.
Steven P. - Charlotte, NC - 2018

Very good 220/230 pump. Got bigger pretty quick..
Giuseppe J - Rome, Italy - 2018

Fast vac gave me more confidence when having sex.
Francois H. - Paris, France - 2018

I tried many electric pumps in the past, but this 220 volt is the best..
Gunther M. - Berlin, Germany - 2018

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