10" length, 2 1/4" width (diameter)

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FastVac Large Size
electric penis pump

  • 2017 FastVac electric penis pump
  • All controls are on the cylinder
  • Quiet operation, lightweight, compact design
  • Adjustable vacuum settings, from 1"hg to 15"hg
  • Lifetime pump replacement, if it ever fails
  • 10" length, 2 1/4" width, Large acrylic cylinder
  • Safety end cap, on every cylinder
  • Air vacuum intake, and quick release valve
  • Vacuum pressure gauge, with brass fittings
  • 6 feet non-allergenic, black latex vacuum tubing
  • Heavy duty, 6 feet electric power cord
  • Free, discreet, world shipping

Large Size
FastVac Electric Penis Pump
USA and Canada
120 Volt Pump Kit
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Large Size
FastVac Electric Penis Pump
Europe and Asia
220 Volt Pump Kit
Free Shipping

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